Chakra Yoga Serenity

The word chakra originates from Sanskrit and means “wheel” or “vortex”. These vortices, chakras, are the energy centres in our aura. They correspond to the body, mind and soul. Our energetic fields are divided into seven chakras. These act as receivers and transmitters of even the finest shifts in our energies. Each chakra acts on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

A healthy mind and body are reflected by healthy chakras. The visualization of a healthy chakra is done by rotations that are clear, full of life and filled with light energy. This circulation causes the vital chakras to promote well-being and general health. You feel fresh, full of energy, flexible and vital. The energy flows in a constant, even flow.

Chakras can be out of balance and blocked or clogged. In these cases, the energy cannot flow unhindered. Emotional expressions such as fear or anger can lead to the blocking of the chakras. The health of the chakras is important for our physical health because they reflect the physical well-being. Toxins ingested by unhealthy diets, poisons and other toxic substances are harmful to our bodies and chakras.

If we feel uncomfortable, the reason is often a disturbed flow of energy. The chakras are diseased or clogged, have cracks or are misaligned. There is an interaction between the chakras. An unhealthy chakra affects the other chakras. Targeted energetic healing helps to unlock the chakras.

Chakra Yoga Serenity helps you to purify and revitalize your chakras and aura. Unbalance and blockages are eliminated and the flow of light energy is stimulated. Chakra Yoga Serenity helps to keep your chakras vital and balanced.

Chakra Yoga Serenity wohlfuehlzauber wohlfühlzauber basel
Chakra Yoga Serenity wohlfuehlzauber wohlfühlzauber basel

Certain yoga exercises have a specific effect on the seven energy centres. These are aligned, purified and activated by the chakra meditation. This makes them even more effective in restoring the chakra balance for health and well-being.

Visit the Chakra Yoga Serenity at Wohlfühlzauber and improve your health and balance. Your mobility is improved and your joints are strengthened. The chakra yoga exercises actively support you on the path to more health and increased well-being.