Stress reduction and increased awareness at Wohlfühlzauber

Short episodes of stress and the conflicts that usually accompany it can help us to overcome a challenge. Long-term stress, however, affects our physical and mental health. Wohlfühlzauber helps to relieve stress, avoid effects on physical and mental health and lead a balanced life through increased mindfulness.

The stress in everyday life is no less. On the contrary, typical symptoms such as anger, anxiety, insomnia, loss of appetite, shortness of breath and pain are increasing and must be detected and treated at an early stage. In addition to private life situations such as mourning and divorce, professional life is one of the most frequent causes of stress. The effects on health and well-being can also have a lasting adverse effect on social life and relationships.

Wohlfühlzauber helps you to cope with stress. Proven techniques such as face yoga, meditation, chakra, hypnosis and Reiki are used to balance out past and lasting stress phases. Future stress situations will be perceived and mastered differently through increased mindfulness. Instead of being driven by life, the techniques help to achieve more clarity and self-determination in one’s own life.

Become full of energy and joy again, reduce physical symptoms, fears and worries, and enjoy a restful sleep. With individual treatments, expertly executed and in a relaxed atmosphere, you will master life with joy and success.

Face Yoga

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